I guess it’s been a long time since I’ve written a blog, but I wanted to try something. I was living with this diagnosis like it was all of me. I was no longer a student/barista/exercise enthusiast/grammar queen/vegetarian food lover. I was pain and a broken digestive system.

Everything I ate hurt and I could barely work, so forget about working out. I was writing this blog because it was all I had, and all I could feel was a hopelessness. Was I going to be like that forever? Would food always hurt me? Would I be living, weak and tired, for the rest of my life? I had to do something, focus on anything else, so I took a blog hiatus. I focused on taking my medication at the right times, finding the foods that didn’t hurt, maybe not subsisting entirely on cabbage in its various forms, doing yoga if I couldn’t lift weights or go for a run, smiling, laughing, and just getting out of my pessimistic brain.

Things progressed slowly. One week, everything hurt. The next, maybe a few things weren’t too bad, and then, months later, I can eat just about anything as long as it isn’t granola-hard. The summer was excellent. I started running outside again, so much that I stopped going to the gym. I did yoga for digestion and relaxation. I worked on my stress levels. I ate FOOD, real food, veggies and everything. I went on vacation to the beach. I found myself again, and despite my dysfunctional digestive system, I no longer feel that my life is ulcerated.

School has been going well; my grades are all A’s, and I haven’t had to miss work at all, because even on my bad days, this autoimmune disease is manageable. I feel tired often, but b-vitamins seem to help. Exercise is empowering, and every time I pick up a kettlebell or run a mile, I know I’m going to be fine. The future is uncertain, but right now, life is great. 🙂

Right now, I am busy. I have my full-time job, plus classes full-time, a second job tutoring in English/writing essays at the college, and a third job I haven’t started yet, for which I will do an announcement sometime in the near future. It’s something about which I am incredibly passionate, and I am so excited to share the news!


One response to “My……..Life

  1. WOOO HOOOO — IT is incredible to feel “normal”, and we celebrate. Much like yourself, my Crohs has taken over my life on more then one occasion, however, when life is under control… I almost feel normal. Yes, I hate my meds, yes, I feel less then perfect here and there (ok, the back half of every other week), but truthfully, those around me, would not know we have this disease lurking beneath.

    Embrace life, embrace feeling normal, embrace being the real you! Thanks for sharing!!

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