And then the biopsy confirmed it.


Last week, I had a follow-up appointment with my GI specialist, who told me the biopsy confirmed that I do, in fact, have Ulcerative Coilitis. It’s affecting my entire (life) large intestine, but as long as my kidneys don’t start to fail and I don’t get colon cancer, I will survive.

I get the feeling that the doctor worries that I’m not taking this diagnosis seriously enough, but that is not the case. I am simply trying to stay positive about this. It is a terrifying disease; my body is attacking itself. I am aware of this, but I am not going to let it affect my happiness.

He didn’t really talk about diet, so I have decided to start slowly eating a wider variety of foods. Last week, I tried peppers and onions, and that was a total disaster. I felt absolutely awful. This week, I bought some root vegetables and lentils, which I am going to cook and put inside some cabbage leaves with a little tomato sauce so that when I cook enchiladas for my boyfriend, it almost feels like we are eating the same thing (except it won’t at all, but I’m ok with that).

Physically, I feel about as well as I have felt since leaving the hospital. There are bad days and good, stomach-wise, but the hardest part is dealing with the fatigue/restlessness. I’m having trouble falling/staying asleep, but I am exhausted all the time. I keep falling asleep in algebra class!

Mentally, it’s tough. I am dealing with a lot right now and it’s really affecting my ability to concentrate. I feel tired and overwhelmed, on the verge of tears every time anything goes wrong. I’m sure this will even out in time, especially if I can manage to sleep better. Anyway, I promised myself I wouldn’t write 10,000 words today, so that is all I will say until now. Also, in case you missed it, here is a link to my most recent video.


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